"bed and breakfast", "B&B in Madison, IN", 2 Sisters



2 Sisters Bed & Breakfast is owned by sisters, Mary and Madonna who, along with a third sister Barbara, have enjoyed traveling together and visiting B&B’s in historic towns across the country.  Through these journeys, Madonna and Mary fell in love with the Bed & Breakfast lifestyle and decided it was their dream to run one and together they would make this happen.


Dancers in their youth, Mary and Madonna have always been in love with the entertainment industry.  A special fascination with movies and history that depict the life and times of the 1920s led the 2 Sisters to come upon a theme for their Bed & Breakfast. So, when you visit 2 Sisters Bed & Breakfast to escape your hectic life for a weekend getaway, you’re entering a bygone era of sophisticated charm in the heart of Madison, Indiana’s largest historical site.